What we do

As part of our work on Transparency and Human Rights in the Electronics Industry we research the human rights challenges along the whole supply chain, from minerals and raw material extraction to manufacturing components and assembling final consumer products. Our current projects are focused on the definition of transparency applied specifically to the electronics supply chain, how to develop effective monitoring frameworks and procedures to assess, prevent and mitigate human rights violations and involve workers in such processes directly and how to involve public buyers in this challenge when they procure electronics goods.

Who do we work with

We have been at the forefront of international practice on responsible procurement of electronics through our work with Electronics Watch. Opi and Olga were part of the original Advisory Group which led to the creation of this leading organisation. Olga is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Electronics Watch and has contributed to the drafting of its Contract Clauses v.2. We are a key organiser and contributor the its Annual Conference

We also lead the the Transparency Working Group of Good Electronics. Our work with Good Electronics and the International Labour Rights Forurm has also focused on Worker Driven Monitoring in the electronics supply chain.

Olga also acted as a technical advisor to the Green Electronics Council guide on public procurement and has participated in the HP Living Progress discussions.